Saturday, December 19, 2009

Drama and Theatrics!


IMG_4832 IMG_4828
Just wondering about drama and theatrics...will making a place to express those things,
relieve us of them elsewhere?!!!

Not mine.

Kidding. I like theirs. Sometimes. Someplaces.
I do wish I had more of a say in the location and / or the audience. Oh. and the content.
That would be nice.

Because it ain't always that pur-dy.
But when it is, it's hilarious.
Seriously. The Farmer and I. We made funny kids.

Today it is snowing. Really snowing.

Snow makes me want to sew, bake something or play in it.

A picture in a magazine, the enthusiasm of Sarah, a couple of tension rods, odds and ends of fabric in my cupboard and we now have this little theater thingy that should fold up kinda small when the thrill is over.

(The striped cloth was leftover from a dress that I made a long time ago and wore and liked
and I'm sure. snicker. that I thought it was cool and all.  It had big navy dots too.)
IMG_4815 IMG_4818
IMG_4820 IMG_4825 IMG_4823 IMG_4826 IMG_4821

So today, I am grateful for;
~funny kids
~snow! with kids
~expressive kids
~hot chocolate with kids
~drama and kids
~a cozy house with kids
~theatrics and kids
~Christmas time with kids
~the sewing that I could do for them without them
~my kids who don't care that the cleaning got skimped over


~the main Character in the Ultimate Drama...and He wasn't acting.

Thursday, December 10, 2009



birthday2 b-day sarah
~my 40th with children who I had waited just forever to meet
~the individual who feels the need to cross his eyes in pretty much every snapshot right now.
Edit: Oops. I wasn't thinking when I wrote this that it sounds totally like I am having a birthday now. sorry.
But I have enjoyed the birthday comments and wishes. 
:) The actual end to my thirties took place this past summer.
401197-R1-01-23A IMG_3362 IMG_3356 IMG_3692 IMG_4037
~all these boys who are brothers 
~ice cream in cones
~girls who love lollipops

garden bins! IMG_4720 IMG_4727 IMG_4728
~a garden that I love and hate (also, this past summer :) )~shoe bins that the kids actually use... most of the time
~what Jacob calls "The Blackbird Museum." More popularly known as the Air and Space Museum at Dulles.

IMG_4575 IMG_4573
 IMG_4579 IMG_4618 IMG_4653 IMG_4646
The 146th Anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

IMG_4676 IMG_4674
IMG_4703 IMG_4711 IMG_4682 IMG_4695 IMG_4713
~Thanksgiving Day with family and friends at a cabin in the woods
~disposable cups and plates
~mountains to climb
~a campground with speed limit signs like this
~a little boy with training wheels who puts his boots on the wrong feet
~a van with a family looking totally overloaded.

The van. I meant the van.
The family looks, er, fine.
IMG_4116 IMG_4120
IMG_4737 IMG_4735
IMG_4732  IMG_4734a
~one of the main food groups with Sarah and Jacob at Hershey's Chocolate World
~Rachel~Rachel, friendship and chocolate, all at the same time
~all of the sweet in the above

IMG_4500 IMG_4490 IMG_4492 IMG_4498 IMG_4519
~boys who like and build boats
~Big sliding boards
~when I can laugh over spilled milk
~forgiveness for when I don't
~the 90 seconds and few short weeks that I had to enjoy my long- awaited- for- apothecary jars that I got for my birthday, sob, and lost in two separate accidents that didn't even involve children.
(anyone need a pretty lid?)

Cape May1 Sub Shop IMG_4384 Monopoly2

Barnegat Sandy Hook  IMG_4389 IMG_4233 IMG_4254

IMG_4334 IMG_4400 IMG_4264 IMG_4371

IMG_4328 IMG_4252 IMG_4337 IMG_4381
~our participation in the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge
~that The Farmer and our kids think a 700 mile weekend driving adventure is a good time
~White House subs in Atlantic City
~the nicest little girl in the world and her 9th birthday
~the craziest Monopoly players ever, on the corner of Pacific Ave.
   in the very city after which the game is named after
~that I was dorky enough to drag the game along
~the over 200 steps that many of the lighthouses had
~the fun that the wind was for the kids
~funny signs
~lima beans? They celebrate lima beans? I love people like that. Any excuse to have a party! Fun!

 IMG_4536 IMG_4535
IMG_4525  IMG_4545
~our long anticipated visit from Curt and Elvida~that she is the big sister I never had
~the fun that we shared together in Gettysburg
~meaningful friendship

IMG_4788 IMG_4778 IMG_4780 IMG_4781 IMG_4796 IMG_4777 IMG_4772
~Jesus at Christmas
~the construction paper, elbow macaroni and popsicle stick ornaments on our tree
~ornaments and memories of places we've visited
~memorials of God's sovereignty ( and if you don't know why we have a fire extinguisher on our tree, well. Stop by. I'll make coffee. Pull up a chair and we'll talk. Probably for a very long time. )
~Plastic Christmas balls
~our keychain tree with new ones from Alaska, Florida, New Jersey and Kentucky
~our Picture Tree made from sticks stuck in leftover cement
"...Put your hope in the Lord,
for with the Lord is unfailing loveand with Him is full redemption."   Psalm 130:7