Friday, December 14, 2012

[this moment]


but a seriously tweaked [this moment] as far as what originated with SouleMama.
mostly because i couldn't come up with my own title. so i used hers. :)

just LOOK at them! could they be any cuter? so precious. we LOVE them.

and the puppies. did you notice the puppies? ;) they're cute too. 

do you all have a busy weekend planned?
busy...good? it feeling ohmyword tootoobusy hard?
i'm planning on ours being busy good. ha.
with cookie baking and a party to go to without kids.

happy friday friends!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A New Look for Grace

A new look for Grace.

I read these words yesterday. They are Shanda's title for a sweet post about her daughter getting glasses.
Grace looks really cute with her new frames, and if you haven't already... you can see the pictures right HERE.

A new look for Grace.

When I read that I immediately thought...yes. yes. I've seen that look. And I have been thinking about that very thing. My experiences that become my scattered thoughts were put into a sentence for me. And so I asked Shanda if I could repeat her words.

A new look for Grace.

I saw that look yesterday. Grace's look. and the day before that. in September. during the summer. when I was 29. i.e. last year. ;) I remember it when I was 16. and the year before that one too. I can jump months, even decades back into another century... and that look was there. over and over and over. Because Grace was.

Sometimes I recognized it in the moment.
Sometimes not.

edit: @bumblypick mentioned "grace spaces" in her encouraging comment. and i love that.  thanks christy. it reminded me of what i heard recently about the heart holes that life brings... those parts of our stories that we don't like, past and present, create spaces for grace. grace spaces. spaces to be filled with grace for redemption and purpose. "The power of the resurrection means that nothing but the tomb is meant to be empty."

Sometimes I've experienced it straight from Him.
And at other times I've experienced it straight from Him through you.

Sometimes it's seen but not heard. And at other times, it's only seen because it's heard.

Indescribable. Uncontainable. You are amazing God.

I saw it again this morning.

A new look for Grace.
Its cross shaped shadow... never blocking light, always bringing it. revealing its source.

And it was the same thing. again. 
The same thing and new. both. everytime.

Perhaps the nail scarred hands that bring Grace to us,
are ever turning it.
Its new look is simply another angle
for our human hearts to see that...

HE is the same. It's a promise.

And yet His sameness is new. fresh. personalized.
For each of us.

Timeless. Everyday. For right now.

His sameness is my potential for change.
His sameness is my power for growth.
His sameness is why I don't have to be.

There is always a new look for the same Grace.

Indescribable. Uncontainable. You are amazing God.

Friday, August 31, 2012

School Starts bringing another Last First

School starts bringing another Last First ///

It was strange.

The other morning I threw our throw pillows that were scattered around, back onto the sofa.

threw. throw. :)

I took my favorite one and plumped it off center. just so. to the left.

And it stayed that way. All Day.

I'd look over there as I was working around the house...and see them all. sitting. exactly where I put them. weird.

Exactly All Day that is, until 3:09 pm. I glanced at the clock as I saw my youngest child, now home from school, fed, watered and hugged repeatedly, already doing the usual... playing and talking to himself. He likes to tell himself stories. And he's really good at it. I know because sometimes I try to listen in. And at other times he wants to explain all of the explosions and rapid gunfire. 

The pillows were everywhere. again. and it was so good.  

I believe that pillows are like great books, flowers, and gummy bears. you can't have too many. 

We started school this week...and had a Last First.

It was the Last First Day of First grade for our little family.

We did pinterest inspired copied signs again. because it'll be so easy to remember their
ages when
 I put lovely memory albums together in the next year. or two. or thirty.;)

It was Jacob's turn for first grade. already.

He's fine. and loving it.

You can ask me how I'm adjusting... but I don't know yet. :)
While I am frequently "looking" for him before I catch myself, I've been really busy with a few appts, many errands and getting ready for company. I haven't processed this new chapter much at all. Pre-processed... yes. But living it processed... no.

Sarah started sixth grade which means that she is now in middle school.
My little girl! I really needed to write

She has enjoyed her first days and thinks that changing classes and having a locker is fun.
Same with riding the bus again, being with friends and music class.
And so-and-so she tells me, already likes a cute boy. oh boy about the cute boys is what I'm thinking. :)  

With every Last First...

there are also First Lasts.

When school started last year...
it was the last time that my big boys hopped on a bus to go to school on the first day.

Which makes it a First Last. :)

Because this year when school started... they drove away in our car.

I remember thinking it was the older moms that had highschoolers.
Now I know it's just regular moms. with older kids. ;) that's all.

Now that's a First!!!

Kinda like the bowl of whipped cream that I ate today, when I wanted to, without sneaking around and hiding to do it.

Maybe I AM adjusting. :)

Last Firsts. First Lasts. That's been life... and all of motherhood for me for sure.
Many good-byes with as many hellos. New embraces ushered by the letting gos.
Makes my head spin and my heart flip. When I unintentionally rhyme, I feel like a dip.

I seriously didn't.wouldn't.ha. try that. oh brother. :) until the last sentence.
Howabout you? What kind of changes... or Last Firsts and First Lasts are being brought to you this season?

Happy Labor Day Weekend friends!

Friday, July 20, 2012

[this moment]


this little guy is growing up lickety split.

another lost tooth.
and another {this moment.} inspired by soulemama

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Funny Almost Two Year Old

i just recently came across these words i had written back when i had an almost two year old.
so here's to all of my friends with little kids,may they take long and happy naps, offering a welcome respite in your day.

and squeeze their little legs for me, please. :)

My almost two year old is funny.
Funny as in so cute and ha! ha! Funny as in I can't wait till he takes a nap funny.
Funny because he can roll up rugs and move large pieces of heavy furniture in the time it takes me to brush only two or three teeth.
Funny because he likes to organize and taste my culinary seasonings.
He happily smacks his lips over chili powder, ground mustard or minced onion.
The same child will then refuse healthy entrees, that Every Good Mother offers,
such as hot dogs and macaroni
and cheese.

He licks glass doors.
He stores toys in the fireplace.
He throws his toothbrush down the stairs.
And many, many other objects deemed Throw-Worthy at the moment.

He turns into a Violent Noodle over the completely unfair demands that I place on his daily routine.
Like diaper changes and getting dressed.

My almost two year old is funny because the words adorable and thick describe his thighs.
Even his fingers are funny.
He's Funny because his favorite pages in books include pictures of tractors, trucks, motorcycles and cars.
And the moon. He loves the moon. He
laughs outloud when he sees the moon. And me.Now that is funny. Funny as in so precious.

Funny how at night, after he falls asleep,
I will tip-toe up to his crib and completely forget that he is in there
recharging for the next day's adventures that will
I just see the face of a beautiful angel. Sleeping. Peacefully.

Funny how that works.

i've been mia here alot this summer and miss you all.
happy wednesday friends!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Winners! And other Important things


I am learning important things.

Like yesterday in TjMaxx. What is with the lighting in dressing rooms? or is it just me? I saw things in the mirror at TjMaxx that I really had no idea were going on. shocked most I'll keep to myself. thankyou. laughing all I'll say here is... Very stray eyebrow hairs. alarming. but more alarming was the difficult time that I had locating them again with my own lighting and mirrors when I got home.
Someone in the high school lab learned that drumming with glass test tubes causes them to shatter. This little fyi tidbit will come in handy for many others, I'm sure.

Because who knew?! Now we do.

And that same high schooler discovered this noteworthy fact while handwashing dishes for an eternity one evening, "It takes 25 ice cream scoops of water to sink this measuring cup." shocked whatevah

I now know that when you miss the bus... it's totally the driver's fault.
"How were we to know that she was going to be on time today?"

what kind of mom has high schoolers hold signs? ;) they opted for mug shot looking poses this morning.

Carry tweezers at all times.
Don't drum with glass test tubes.
Play with bubbles.

Sometimes missing the bus... is okay.


am learning alot from others when I volunteer in Jacob's kindergarten class.

"My big sister is so mean to me and doesn't even get into trouble."

A little blonde girl showed me her boo-boo. She couldn't remember how she got it. But it still hurt. And she wanted me to know...and care.

"M&M's make my burps taste good."

Another child's eyes sparkled about writing a tricky silent "e" at the end of a word. And he made his "M" look like a pumpkin with a stem. On purpose. Just for fun.

"When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic. Hold hands and stick together. Be aware of wonder..."
There will often be someone who is mean and doesn't seem to be getting into trouble. fair. shmair. it's not. and it stinks at every age.

Until I'm kneeling at The Cross. Then who wants fair?

The person next to you has boo-boos. too.

Keep a stash of M&M's handy.

Sparkle about tricky silent "e's." Because you can. Make letters look like pumpkins with stems. On purpose. Just for fun.

I am ever learning from Jacob's perspective. announcements. and sincere prayers of repentance.

"Why do they tell us not to run in school, but then they walk so fast that we need to run to keep up?"

"Does Mt. Vesuvius still interrupt ?"

"Is it that time of year to clean the stove?"

"Uh oh! We were told to bring our singing voices to school today. And I don't have one! I just use my regular voice."

"The devil has been attacking me year after year."

"I'm sorry for calling God's creation a fartbag."

"When I wake up and open my eyes, I can't get my dream to come back on."

Don't walk so fast that short legs need to run to keep up when you've told them not to.

Volcanoes are interruptive.

Clean your stove at least annually. needs it or not. your kids might be watching.

Regular voices work just fine for singing.

"We wrestle not against flesh and blood..."

Make your mom laugh when you're in trouble.

Dream with your eyes wide open.

this was just this morning, when I had my camera handy for the drawing.
we are all still close the cereal box before putting it away.

Now. About Giveaway Winners!!!

Congratulations to...

1st: walkin_on_sunshine247
favorite things shared; "Carmel frappes, meadow tea, time with family."

2nd: jmtmpm
"One of my most favorite things at the moment is snuggling with my baby!"

3rd: appalolly
"...We share a love of jelly bellies. But I also love Peeps. In any shape
or size.  And otherwise...great conversation or a great book!  Those are 2 of my
favorite things! (Cue the "Sound of Music" song!)"

Message me your addresses when you get a chance. happy
Thanks to each one who participated, sharing interest and enthusiasm for Christy's new book as well as in little fun things. I love crossing paths with my friends here, making new ones, and I totally enjoyed reading about your favs.

ehrinn wrote, "I can feel myself renewed already,"  in regards to her favorite thing, a special place she was describing and anticipating visiting soon...but it also explained what can happen inside when I think on these things. And The Giver of such. Howabout you?

Even though we have yet to meet IRL, I feel like I already knew this about MaryAnn. She said,
"H-m-m-m-m-m-m. Favorite things -- besides, of course, the Faith that comforts and sustains me, and the people I love that challenge and amaze me? It would probably have to be a story... I especially love that sudden realization that a humiliating experience is one that will be more bearable if I can tell it in a story and make people laugh."
wj3km included this observation that I appreciate. Because it's so very true. "Everything you said to describe Christine is depicted in the photo you posted of her - her face says it all :)"

Linda, who shares my passion for travel wrote, "I want you to talk about London... you know, travel that involves accents and dreams come true....{for my kids, that means walmart}"laughing
I am fascinated with my friend Cass for many wonderful reasons. and now will never see the little rubber hairs on tires the same way again. silly thanks to her contribution of favs!

By the way, just in case there is someone who hasn't already, take a few moments to meet my friend Rachel. She has an amazing giveaway going on, things I lovelove. and you really should check it out here.

Now if you'll excuse me, happy I have some packages to get ready to mail.
And then I need to find some M&M's... better tasting burps sound good to me.

Happy Thursday to all!

"Hold hands and stick together. Be aware of wonder..."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[A Giveaway!]

{A Giveaway!}

I love giveaways!
Even though I've been known to say that I never, ever, ever win them... ;)
they are always so fun. me winning or not.

But this is my first time offering one.
because I couldn't ever decide what I wanted to giveaway.

My friend Christy recently became a published author!!!

and so...

I am giving away an autographed copy of her book, "Until the Day Breaks and the Shadows Flee."

I have had this book in my hands for the past few weeks, just reading it slowly. soaking. absorbing. enjoying.
Keeping my pen for underlining and yellow crayon for highlighting nearby. it's that kind of book. I am just loving it.

"Full of encouragement and inspiration, Until the Day Breaks and the Shadows Flee is a devotional trilogy that will challenge your faith, resuscitate your hope, and surround you in the loving embrace of your Heavenly Father. Author Christine Christopher draws on her own life lessons and answers from God to help empower and strengthen you on your faith pilgrimage."

Christy is one of my favorite people; a treasured, faithful friend. She truly has a heart of gold, reflecting the beauty of our Father. She loves intensely. listens gently. hears unspoken depths. prays sincerely. is compassionate. discerning. challenging. encouraging. and has a great laugh! I love her dearly.

You can read Christy's weblog and experience more from her heart and HIS here.
and her recent post introducing her new book is here.
You can check out and "like" her book's facebook page here.
and learn more about christy and what her book is all about here.

and along with her book, just a few  more of my favorite things...

*starbucks coffee pike place roast. my cup of coffee in the morning is a delight. all three of them. ;)
*pink notecards. because i adore pretty paper things. snail mail. and pink is happy.
*tea in a london tin. because i fall easily for clever packaging. and i drink tea all.of.the.time. but more than tea, i love london. and have things that say london around my house just to suggest to my lil brain as it dreams that it is a someday!!! instead of a maybe.
*$25 kohl's giftcard. my fav store is our local thrift shop...which wouldn't work for you. :) so hopefully, if you don't have a kohl's nearby, you can use it online.
*$10 itunes card. because music is my thing. lovelove. i don't have "i" anything...but you might.
*jelly bellys. gummy candy is the best.

*christy's first book. i like writing first. because you never know what all He might be up to. :)
*list pads. because, right. i like pretty paper. and i do lists. lists are my brain on paper.
*journal. you can't have too many ready and waiting.
*sour gummy worms. because sour gummies are even better than gummy anything else.
*godiva gems and lindt truffles. chocolate. no explaination needed.
*pepper jelly. not pictured. :) something homemade by me.

I can see how the sour gummy worms just really classy up this whole thing. winky

I can't write "my favorite things" without thinking of Julie Andrews and raindrops on roses. anybody? Really though. What else comes to mind is that my fav things aren't things at all.
But people. the precious people in my life.
So in honor of those favorite things that aren't things... :)
You can enter the drawing by sharing a comment about one of your favorite things.
something that is warm fuzzy happy. deeply meaningful. or just plain simple and fun.
fav song. place. life verse. snack. quote. book. flavor. accessory. season. scent. color. product. time of day. ANYthing.
If you choose to spread the word, let me know and I'll put your name in the hat for each link shared.
and on June 7th, (the last day of school---yay!) my kids will pull the names and I'll announce the winners. 

1st name will receive all of the aforementioned items.
2nd name, Christy's book and a $10 itunes card.
3rd name, Christy's book.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!