Friday, July 20, 2012

[this moment]


this little guy is growing up lickety split.

another lost tooth.
and another {this moment.} inspired by soulemama

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Funny Almost Two Year Old

i just recently came across these words i had written back when i had an almost two year old.
so here's to all of my friends with little kids,may they take long and happy naps, offering a welcome respite in your day.

and squeeze their little legs for me, please. :)

My almost two year old is funny.
Funny as in so cute and ha! ha! Funny as in I can't wait till he takes a nap funny.
Funny because he can roll up rugs and move large pieces of heavy furniture in the time it takes me to brush only two or three teeth.
Funny because he likes to organize and taste my culinary seasonings.
He happily smacks his lips over chili powder, ground mustard or minced onion.
The same child will then refuse healthy entrees, that Every Good Mother offers,
such as hot dogs and macaroni
and cheese.

He licks glass doors.
He stores toys in the fireplace.
He throws his toothbrush down the stairs.
And many, many other objects deemed Throw-Worthy at the moment.

He turns into a Violent Noodle over the completely unfair demands that I place on his daily routine.
Like diaper changes and getting dressed.

My almost two year old is funny because the words adorable and thick describe his thighs.
Even his fingers are funny.
He's Funny because his favorite pages in books include pictures of tractors, trucks, motorcycles and cars.
And the moon. He loves the moon. He
laughs outloud when he sees the moon. And me.Now that is funny. Funny as in so precious.

Funny how at night, after he falls asleep,
I will tip-toe up to his crib and completely forget that he is in there
recharging for the next day's adventures that will
I just see the face of a beautiful angel. Sleeping. Peacefully.

Funny how that works.

i've been mia here alot this summer and miss you all.
happy wednesday friends!