Thursday, September 17, 2009

Way Lots of Things

Way Back in May...
We found opening day here at the pool to be quite crowded, as usual!
IMG_3023 IMG_3024 IMG_3442
 We have Way More Room at the pond.

Way Cool...the Thunderbirds and Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base.
 IMG_2909 IMG_2945 IMG_2954 IMG_3010

Way Fun...the Farmer and Jacob have shoes that match.

Sunflowers are fun too.
Love 'em.
Also fun and on the mantel with our flowers are canning jars. Some antique, some not.
All containing sand and shells and labeled with the places that we collected them.
Way Fun for all of us as we reminisce about past summer memories.
Kinda looks like an odd aesthetic collision between the farmhouse and the beach!

IMG3561 IMG3571 sunflower 1

And, of course, giraffe shoes are Way Fun!
Timeless Fun too, don't ya think?!!!
Come on.
I suspect that there actually could be some shoes that are more age appropriate than others.
But if you know that, please keep it to yourself.
If I want to wear giraffe shoes, oh say, thirty years or so from now, well...
I will do it in chosen ignorance of good taste .
Way Young at Heart includes fun shoes.
For me anyway.
My Dad is also Way Young At Heart ( and that has Never Ever included fun footwear. )
We were talking about photo enforced speed limits ( we have quite a pictorial collection of the back end
of our mini van...sigh...) and speed bumps when He interjects, "It's all these old retired people trying to
slow the rest of us down."
The rest of us?

My dad is Way Funny
( but please know. Not old. )

And so is this Christmas ornament that I found.
Way Funny.
(I just want to know who told them about me.)

Funny, Young at Heart and Speed Limits, all make me think of something Way Fast.
Funny how Way Fast my Thirties went.
I know that everyone else has, had or will have an entire decade to be thirty something.
I'm not so sure that I did.
Lickety split I went from thirty-ish to FORTY.
The Farmer's wife is now forty.
It happened Way Younger than I once thought it would.

Also Way Historical besides the Big Birthday ...Williamsburg, VA...
IMG_3725 IMG_3728 IMG_3685 IMG_3652 IMG_3702
IMG_3639 IMG_3636 IMG_3706 IMG_3641 IMG_3660

Washington D.C. ...
IMG_3838 IMG_3822
IMG_3836 IMG_3502 IMG_3798 IMG_3847

White's Ferry, Gettysburg...
IMG_3594 gettysburg

and Abraham Lincoln's birthplace and boyhood home.
IMG_3968 IMG_3963

Way Meaningful...Jared's trip to Alaska with Touching Lives for Christ.

And Sarah's heartfelt bedtime prayer for Tim.
Way Meaningful."Bless Tim and please help him to make himself at home."

Just who is this Tim?
Some kind of Bug Critter that she had captured and put in a jar.
Uh huh.
I thought her prayer was just sweet and hysterically funny.
But guess what?
The next morning we found Tim all blessed, having made himself at home, he had crawled out his "shell" and was a completely new critter.

My kids are teaching me ALOT about God and prayer.

Way Overdue...onehappymomma tagged me a Way Long time ago
to post the tenth photo in my first folder and here it is...
I thought that it was fun and I would really like to learn to know her better too...
But I was experiencing technical difficulty with xanga and it would not upload
and then summer arrived...
Is Way Late better than Not At All?

Way Precious and Beautiful in my yard...
 IMG_3897 birds 2

And speaking of Way Precious and Beautiful in my yard...
401200-R1-20-4 401200-R1-09-15
401200-R1-19-5 401200-R1-21-3

you'll find these children there too.

They are so Way Lots of Things on any given day. Most of the above and then some.
And you know that as their mother, I can call them Way Beautiful.
Because they are.

Even the way that they breathe while sleeping is beautiful.

So Way Beautiful.
These so Way Beautiful kids have made this whole parenting thing funny. 
Funny as in about 15 years ago, I thought that I knew a little something about it.

Silly me.

Something Way Significant that I read recently about parenting and grace...

"...under law, acceptance is conditional to our behavior, blessings must be earned and punishment comes with failure. Under grace, acceptance is unconditional, blessings are freely bestowed, and there is loving discipline instead of punishment."

Grace is because love is.
The love is first.
HIS LOVE is first.

And that's not only Way Significant,
it's Way, Way Wonderful.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Red Shirts

I have these conversations with my boys.
It's not really about red shirts.
The red shirt thing started because between the two of them, someone is usually wearing a red shirt.
So it became a convenient visual aid.
The question is; is the shirt red because I call it red?
OR , is it red no matter what I call it ?
What if I would like to call it green and just maybe you would like to call it purple.
What if you like what your friends call it better?
What if I find a whole group of people who call it what I want it to be?
What if I don't want to call it anything?
What color would it STILL be ?

Are things what I call them or are they what they are regardless ...?
Is something wrong only if I call it wrong...or get caught ?
Does it matter if I do something Right for the Wrong reasons?
Do I want obedience only because I am in the room ?
Who Knows? Who Sees? Who Cares?

It's so much bigger than little ole' mom.
It's not about legalism.
It's that heart thing.

The shirt is red no matter what I call it.

It is red no matter what you call it.

Please know that I know.
Not everything is black and white, er... red, or cut and dried.
But there are absolutes.
I want to Know Him and His Truth.
Who HE is, who He wants me to be and what He calls it.
Knowing Him makes His Word way more than just another good book.

I want to learn it, live it, teach that they will want to KNOW the author too...

Because the little boys in red shirts are growing up so fast.

Edit: sorry...this is a post from the archives, back when I really could call the oldest two, "little."
  I am trying this publishing to fb thing.