Thursday, November 4, 2010

Deja Vu Again


That sounds a little redundant I know.

But it happened the other day. I think it did.
The same day that I also experienced a significant first.
I bought food for food, for our frog, Frog.
{not redundant. not stuttering.}
Confused yet?

What do you call it when you have deja vu about deja vu?
{is there such a thing? and how do you spell deja vu plurally?}

Or worse. What is it when you realize that your feelings of having experienced something terribly familiar and familiarly terrible before, are actually because the facts are, you have???!!!

That happened the other morning when the door bell interrupted my busy start to the day.
{ busy start; i.e. dish washer unloading, sitting and drinking my coffee, pumpkin baking, sitting and drinking my coffee, reading to Jake, sitting and drinking my coffee, laundry and sitting and drinking my coffee}

I glanced out the window and saw The Exterminator's truck in my driveway.
{was that on the calender?  it was on the calender.  a little routine inspection. oh. right. yep. i had written it down right there on thee very day.}

{did you know that you actually have to read a calender for them to work? i'm just not good with calenders
i guess, "too many moving parts."}

This is where those stupid little friendly reminder postcards do not work for me. "Friendly reminder" is an evil misnomer. My responsible conscious brain sometimes makes me write down the date and time . My subconscious brain records the date carefully too. not to recall it for the necessary appointment. But rather to suggest to me on that very day, skip the face-washing-and-getting-ready-part of the morning routine. just relax, it says. you deserve it. you're staying at home. no one will know.

I fall for that e.v.e.r.y. doggone time.
EVERY time.

Poor Tom. The Exterminator Dude.

I think that he has only ever beheld The Farmer's Wife in this lovely arrangement.


well. well. what do we have here?
{i make bugs look good for Tom}

The Farmer's socks on The Farmer's Wife with the designated heel areas lumpily somewhere up around her ankles. Old cropped summer pj's. Their only redeeming qualities being that they are decent and green...and green is my fav color. And the robe. Oh but it was so pretty back in the day. In fact, 15 1/2 years ago I wore it proudly, having just given birth to my first darling child.

And the rest I can't show ya. No way.
Let's just say "short-slept-in-hair" and "long-slept-in-face."
It's my frumpy housewife uniform.
Something that maybe, and only maybe, my family should see.

And also I guess. sigh. Tom, The Exterminator Dude.
And Everett, The Chimney Sweep Man.
And Neil, The Plumber Guy.

Happens to me e.v.e.r.y. time.
I always get caught that way.
Over and over.
EVERY doggone time.


But as far as significant firsts later on the same day, buying food for food, for our frog, Frog...
{not redundant.not stuttering.}

I'd love to clarify.

Exhibit A.                     Exhibit B                      Exhibit C
IMG_6512   IMG_6514    IMG_6521

I bought cricket food, "Exhibit A {to be refrigerated after opening},
to feed the crickets, "Exhibit B,"
that we feed to Sarah's frog named Frog, "Exhibit C."

We had been feeding flies to Frog, but with the weather getting colder we stopped by Petco to look into other options for regular meals. The Petco associate was aghast about Frog's current diet.
"You really shouldn't be feeding him things from the out-of-doors. They could be carrying a disease."

Oh brother.
It's a frog.
From the out-of-doors.
And so it's eating flies. also from the out-of-doors.
{aren't flies who carry disease, just one molecule away from being their own disease?"}
Frog is fine being exposed to things from the out-of-doors.
I mean, Sarah plays with him all the time.
What he eats can.not. hurt him.

She was trying to sell me never-played-outside-disease-free-crickets by the piece, folks.

And it worked. I happily bought crickets by the piece and cricket food as well.

{because just across the store are rats called gerbils and hamsters. i could smell 'em before i could see 'em.
and Sarah is thrilled with her frog, Frog. so that's good. real good. let's just keep it that way.}

Frog really is the cutest little guy.
{ he is a boy. i know that. i am 100% sure. because everytime i'd try to take his picture, he'd turn his backside towards me. i had to delete alot of pictures before i got one of his face. and even then, he wouldn't smile.}


There ya have it.
Significant Firsts and {until ya'll help me out with a better word and a spelling lesson}
Deja Vus about Deja Vus all in the same day.

I'm really not that upset about how Tom The Exterminator Dude saw me for the eleventeenth time.
No, what I'm really mad about is that with the door bell ringing,
I didn't hear opportunity knocking.
So now I know. I hope that when the next "Friendly Reminder Card" comes in the mail,
my responsible conscious brain will corroborate with my subconscious one to write and remember the important details on the correct day.

Something like...

Please remember on this day to wear your frumpy housewife uniform...
with your billy-bob teef.
no one will know.