Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Unrelated Topics

*unrelated topics*

i have a hair appt today. hooray!

and high time i tell ya.

gray is such a great color...for clothes. paint. boots. pillows.
blog backgrounds.
even hair.
as in...other people's hair.
mine? not so much. maybe someday.
but for now i am loving me some hair highlights and dye.

funny. how for so long i thought that gray hair was for my mom's age group.and kids are thinking the same thing.  

  DSC_0129 DSC_0075
photos by my friend at journey

it's been a few months ago already that i shared about jared getting his driving permit here. thanks so much for all of the congratulatory comments for him... and the empathetic encouragement, prayers and even a "bless your heart" for me!!!  i felt the cheers and the love. pleased bless your hearts. and as always, it meant the world.  
the "kids driving stage" was in the far-off future. like gray hair. right?
and now... how did i get here so fast?

is there ever a time in life when we aren't saying that?

and i'm trying to remember what was really so expensive about having two little boys in diapers at the same time...when considering the cost of insurance for teenage boys driving our vehicles. shocked

i didn't actually ride with jared for the first 6-ish weeks. a quick review of my job description *snicker* revealed that "teaching children to drive" was not to be found anywhere at all. and the lifetime allottment for addendums is already maxed out. winky i'm doing alot that i'm really not good at. whatevah *anyone?* so whew. glad that The Farmer is taking that one on. laughing

but jared is doing a great job. really he is.
from tearing around our kitchen 15 years ago on his little red plastic fire engine...
to riding on two wheels at the age of three...
then dirt bikes and on to *inserting loyalty* John Deere farm tractors with implements.
he does very well at handling a vehicle.

i'm trying hard not to remember that riding or driving something also always included ramping, "making air," wheelies and "look ma! no hands!"
it's the other drivers who i'm scared of mostly.
that. and there's only one way to change his inexperience with other drivers.
a deeply touching duh is what i'm feeling here. howabout you?

and then...there's this too with jared.
also exciting.
i already posted on fb, but wanted to share with you, my xanga friends as well.

he soloed on december 11th.
that's him in that plane. ^^^
flying alone...before he can even drive alone.

when i told a friend, someone who already knew about jared's flight training, our conversation went something like this;
me: jared soloed today!
her: cool! by himself?
me: yes.
her: but with his instructor in the plane.
me: no.
her: *gasp* you mean by himself by himself ?!
me: yes. taking off. flying. landing. all by himself. no instructor in the plane.


photo by proud mom. pleased
as jared was taking off... he rocked the wings to say, "hey mom and dad. look at me."

flashbacks. oh the flashbacks.

ummm...shouldn't you be concentrating on Flying.The.Plane? shocked
later his flight instructor said , "i thought he was acting like a hot dog." laughing

well. imagine that.

signed and dated, first solo t-shirt.
gray hair.
driving permit.
flying solo.

unrelated topics?


maybe not.


and now i'm wondering. can you over use emoticons?

i'm thinking... not with gray hair.
driving permits and solo flights.



or with a...
Merry CHRISTmas!!! happy happy happy happy blush
and lots of love. heart shy blush

from me to you,
my family to yours;

may you experience His presence ~ peace
may you be strengthened with His love ~ joy
may you see "the light before the sunrise." ~ hope

"...with the Lord is unfailing love
and with Him is full redemption. " psalm 130:7