Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Little Titanic Date and Dr. Ballard

i had a date the other day.

everytime we do, i'm thinking... why doesn't this happen more often?
and with each of the precious people in my family.some good ole one on one. we need it.

and i know why. when i hear or read something about recognizing priorities and being all intentional,
i'm the one nodding my head and raising my hand, yep. gotta be that.  
but funny how intentional i need to be about being intentional. anyone...?

i had found info about a museum exhibit and lecture in d.c. and he was totally into both.
differences can be part of the fun in relationships for sure. sometimes. ;) it's also very cool...what all we have in common.

we took the day. just the two of us.
had lunch at our fav d.c. restaurant.
i can't write that without laughing. it's a favorite, that's true.
but it's also like almost the only one we've ever been to in the city.

it was wonderful. delicious mexican food. good conversation...
and of course we mentioned missing the others back home.
something felt nice about missing them. ya know? :)

but i gotta skip ahead here.
because i'm so excited!

we had the best seats at the lecture.
The Best.

first row. in front of the podium.
i just had to stick my foot in a picture for perspective.
i'm classy like that when i get out. ;)

this is what we saw during the q&a time, we were that close.
it was this or we were looking up his nostrils. lucky ducky us.

but now to back up a bit...
while i had ordered timed tickets for the titanic exhibit at the national geographic museum,
i had only found about the lecture given by dr. robert ballard after it was sold out.
big bummer.
but learned about their "stand by" line. i could, it was suggested, try that.
they fill the auditorium and then at the last minute sell tickets for the leftover seats IF there are no-shows.
same $$$. veeery pricey. 

we typically attend more cost-effective the free ones. ha.
but when i talked it over with The Farmer, he agreed, especially with an upcoming birthday, it should be given a try.

all righty then.

and while i have had a number of dr. ballard fans in this family for years,
*my jacob was about four years old when he would lay in bed at night
wondering aloud what dr. ballard's mother looked like.*

i realize that most might be thinking... *yawn* WHO?!!! *yawn* :) as i know that history isn't everyone's thing.  

dr. robert ballard is an oceanographer who is probably best known for his discovery of the titanic wreck in 1985. but there's so much more that is completely fascinating about him as a person and his amazing and here.

informative. sobering. and fun too. the exhibit included interactive displays, movie props and some detailed models of the titanic then and now.
we loveloveloved it. it did not however, include anything salvaged. dr. ballard is passionate about the site being respected as a graveyard
and there is currently a legislative process being pursued to protect it.

yes. with being gone all day, lunch out, the visit to the museum, a lecture...
it was actually a Big Big Date.

but i'm calling it a little titanic date
because my date himself was little.
when we got home, my date's dad, a.k.a. The Farmer,
came out and carried jacob in---sleeping---from the van.

funfunfun with my six year old date. a fancy shmancy looking reception was being set up as the museum was closing. apparently the list of invitees is based
on something other than passionate intensity and enthusiasm *donor dollars maybe?* ;) because we weren't included.

out in the courtyard, eyes closed...throwing in coins. making a wish, he said. :)

little did we know...

how little boy wishes...and prayers would be answered.

i had no idea that jacob's interaction and connection with another young fan
would ripple effect our entire evening like it did.

*m* and his mom saved us seats.
that's why us two from the standby line sat in the front row in a "first come first serve" seating designation.

jacob and i were #'s two and three in that line.
one nice man was ahead of us. he was very patient with the chatty patty and her son that he was next to.

and someone gave tickets that they could not use to the first three people, emphatically refusing payment.
gave. three.
and...we "happened" to cross paths with dr. ballard in the gift shop when *m* forgot his boat model and ran back to get it. giving us precious time for autographs and pictures.
thank you Jesus.
thank you Jesus.
thank you Jesus.

sunday, april 15, 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the titanic tragedy.

but like dr. ballard had's not about a ship.

it's the people.
each one an individual. a life. and valuable.
their shoes are still there, lined up together on the ocean floor.

The gift of today is TITANIC
powerful: of extraordinary power, scope, or impressiveness

"choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve"
in my thoughts. words. actions.
breathing Him in. breathing Him out.

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly  [titanically] :) above all that we ask or think,
according to the power that worketh in us..."
Ephesians 3:20

choosing! intentionally. who i serve.

and yes. who i will date.

i didn't know what a gift those last minute free tickets included...
until the next day when i pulled them out of my purse.
if i had had them on ahead, i might have actually read them. but i didn't.
clearly printed were the words, "Audience prohibited."

gulp. i cringed a bit. feeling silly.
thinking of my happy self snapping away with my little point and shoot camera. oh dear.
so glad for the gift of innocence. and the pics i have because of it!!! :D

and if you have a minute, i'd love to hear about your fav date memory.