Friday, August 31, 2012

School Starts bringing another Last First

School starts bringing another Last First ///

It was strange.

The other morning I threw our throw pillows that were scattered around, back onto the sofa.

threw. throw. :)

I took my favorite one and plumped it off center. just so. to the left.

And it stayed that way. All Day.

I'd look over there as I was working around the house...and see them all. sitting. exactly where I put them. weird.

Exactly All Day that is, until 3:09 pm. I glanced at the clock as I saw my youngest child, now home from school, fed, watered and hugged repeatedly, already doing the usual... playing and talking to himself. He likes to tell himself stories. And he's really good at it. I know because sometimes I try to listen in. And at other times he wants to explain all of the explosions and rapid gunfire. 

The pillows were everywhere. again. and it was so good.  

I believe that pillows are like great books, flowers, and gummy bears. you can't have too many. 

We started school this week...and had a Last First.

It was the Last First Day of First grade for our little family.

We did pinterest inspired copied signs again. because it'll be so easy to remember their
ages when
 I put lovely memory albums together in the next year. or two. or thirty.;)

It was Jacob's turn for first grade. already.

He's fine. and loving it.

You can ask me how I'm adjusting... but I don't know yet. :)
While I am frequently "looking" for him before I catch myself, I've been really busy with a few appts, many errands and getting ready for company. I haven't processed this new chapter much at all. Pre-processed... yes. But living it processed... no.

Sarah started sixth grade which means that she is now in middle school.
My little girl! I really needed to write

She has enjoyed her first days and thinks that changing classes and having a locker is fun.
Same with riding the bus again, being with friends and music class.
And so-and-so she tells me, already likes a cute boy. oh boy about the cute boys is what I'm thinking. :)  

With every Last First...

there are also First Lasts.

When school started last year...
it was the last time that my big boys hopped on a bus to go to school on the first day.

Which makes it a First Last. :)

Because this year when school started... they drove away in our car.

I remember thinking it was the older moms that had highschoolers.
Now I know it's just regular moms. with older kids. ;) that's all.

Now that's a First!!!

Kinda like the bowl of whipped cream that I ate today, when I wanted to, without sneaking around and hiding to do it.

Maybe I AM adjusting. :)

Last Firsts. First Lasts. That's been life... and all of motherhood for me for sure.
Many good-byes with as many hellos. New embraces ushered by the letting gos.
Makes my head spin and my heart flip. When I unintentionally rhyme, I feel like a dip.

I seriously didn't.wouldn't.ha. try that. oh brother. :) until the last sentence.
Howabout you? What kind of changes... or Last Firsts and First Lasts are being brought to you this season?

Happy Labor Day Weekend friends!