Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A New Look for Grace

A new look for Grace.

I read these words yesterday. They are Shanda's title for a sweet post about her daughter getting glasses.
Grace looks really cute with her new frames, and if you haven't already... you can see the pictures right HERE.

A new look for Grace.

When I read that I immediately thought...yes. yes. I've seen that look. And I have been thinking about that very thing. My experiences that become my scattered thoughts were put into a sentence for me. And so I asked Shanda if I could repeat her words.

A new look for Grace.

I saw that look yesterday. Grace's look. and the day before that. in September. during the summer. when I was 29. i.e. last year. ;) I remember it when I was 16. and the year before that one too. I can jump months, even decades back into another century... and that look was there. over and over and over. Because Grace was.

Sometimes I recognized it in the moment.
Sometimes not.

edit: @bumblypick mentioned "grace spaces" in her encouraging comment. and i love that.  thanks christy. it reminded me of what i heard recently about the heart holes that life brings... those parts of our stories that we don't like, past and present, create spaces for grace. grace spaces. spaces to be filled with grace for redemption and purpose. "The power of the resurrection means that nothing but the tomb is meant to be empty."

Sometimes I've experienced it straight from Him.
And at other times I've experienced it straight from Him through you.

Sometimes it's seen but not heard. And at other times, it's only seen because it's heard.

Indescribable. Uncontainable. You are amazing God.

I saw it again this morning.

A new look for Grace.
Its cross shaped shadow... never blocking light, always bringing it. revealing its source.

And it was the same thing. again. 
The same thing and new. both. everytime.

Perhaps the nail scarred hands that bring Grace to us,
are ever turning it.
Its new look is simply another angle
for our human hearts to see that...

HE is the same. It's a promise.

And yet His sameness is new. fresh. personalized.
For each of us.

Timeless. Everyday. For right now.

His sameness is my potential for change.
His sameness is my power for growth.
His sameness is why I don't have to be.

There is always a new look for the same Grace.

Indescribable. Uncontainable. You are amazing God.