Friday, November 4, 2011

[Not A This Moment]



{this moment} - is a friday ritual. inspired by SouleMama "a single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. a simple, special, extraordinary moment.
a moment I want to pause, savor and remember."
and then there's this; not a this moment.
also on a friday. but with more than one picture. and words. capturing...something.
which includes This Moment moments. yes it does.

but i can't say that i am the kind of girl who can embrace and savor electricity-less-ness for long.
a quick perfunctory hug is about all i can muster.
and that's only because who doesn't love a candle lit papa john's pizza dinner?
yay for not cooking on a saturday night!

jacob suggested snapping the photo of the leaf imprint in the snow. happysighlove. 

but then after that?
i am ready to turn on the upstairs hall light en route to my hot shower with my dishes happily being washed without me. yes. i can hear what i wrote. i know how spoiled that sounds. is.

i just love electricity and indoor plumbing.
and am so very newly grateful for both.
hot and cold water when i want it. where i need it.
lights that turn on. a running refrigerator and flushing pottys.
working oven, hair appliances, washer, dryer, bathtub and coffee pot.

whenever our electric is off, i think of those brave pioneer women of long ago.
and wonder. they did that.

at least they had the pony express for all of their printed out email needs. right?
maybe it was a pizza delivery service too. not sure.
i just love history and i'm trying to remember exactly how that was.
chalk it up to what audrey explained so nicely as mommybrain.


anyway. we had at least six inches of the wettest heaviest snow ever.

in october.

in october!


lots of trees and limbs on the fences. the worst of our damages.
but many are still without power north of here, even as i write.  


recently i found this quote. and it made a {this moment} moment in my head.
a simple, special, extraordinary moment.
and it's one that i've paused. am savoring. and not just to remember...
but to know. live. rest.

"Our God is predictable in His character, but He is unpredictable in His activity."
"you cannot box God in. when you put a lid on a box, it doesn't limit God; it limits your awareness of God. He's still moving and speaking, yet you can be unaware of His transcendance, His greatness, and His ability because it's outside of your little box." ~ priscilla shirer

012038's to friday and the weekend!
new this moments. and the not ones.
and to keeping the lids off of our boxes.

know. live. rest.