Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where I Blog

how silly it feels to write "where i blog" when i haven't posted in forever.
except in my head. i write quite a bit up there. which is probably where most of it should stay.  and i do have a collection of incomplete entries waiting here marked private. in fact, just last week i titled a post, "unfinished posts" to kinda compile 'em to share. and there it sits. unfinished.
but! here's my kick in the pants to get something going again;  

my friend lisa @leasejw is hostessing a "where-i-blog-link-up." doesn't that sound fun? i thought so too.  you can check out her "office" right here along with her inspiring thankful thursday post.

and real quick along with this, as i am just learning to know lisa, i want to share a little profile peek.

lisa likes books, dove dark chocolate, Bible study, road trips, blogging, coffee, talking with friends and family, worship music...and much more.

she's an Army Chaplain's wife,
homeschooling mom to two beautiful girls,
and birth doula who says she is "learning how to really be all of those!"

you may read a little about her love story and why her "husband rocks" right here.
she describes her family as homeschooling, "but that really doesn't define who we are as people as much as it tells you how we spend some of our time."

she also mentions homemade bread...which has me thinking that i should find out more about that In Real Life. 

Visit leasejw's Xanga Site
drum roll please... for LISA!

and now. on to where i blog...

it's meaningful for me to get a glimpse into someone else's space.
i love picturing my friends in their world as i interact with them from mine.

so! what is yours like? that where you blog place? is it...
*cozy or cramped?
*lovely with decor that reflects your interests and personality?
*just as luv-uh-lee with scattered toys, used bandaids and stale cheerios?
*sleek, spacious and organized?
*your kitchen table with your laptop?

or is it... messy, multi-purpose and plaid?
here it is, where i blog.
in my laundry*office*sewing*coat*


so...come on.
if ya have a minute or three,
stop in with leasejw
to find out how to join in.
and then, show-and/or-tell me. us!
where do you blog?
and btw, that "till-ya-know-where-else-to-put-it" part?
it like.never.happens.

happy summer days to you all!