Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lost and Found


Found...this photo in a summertime folder.           looks like this today!

IMG3561 IMG_4976

Found...this snowdrift when I opened the basement door. 


Found...more drifts on the front porch.

Found...that my tight grip on sanity can feel considerably loosened
over the participation that is required from me, for the of other people's snowpants.
IMG_3692 ability to enjoy, chuckle, kidding, the Delaware friends photos
of yummy baked goods and status updates on food.
Elvida? Sue? Hello?!!!
Found...myself feeling jealous and hungry.
Everytime.  :)

Found...a winter wonderland outside!
IMG_4987 IMG_4873 IMG_4985 IMG_4967 IMG_5022
IMG_5020 IMG_5024

Lost...all of the parenting skills and great ideas that I had before I became a mom.

Found...that you never really get all of the playdough out of the carpet.

Found...that some people still have their Christmas lights up. And they like it.
Found...that it kinda polishes off that hick down_onthefarm  look we are going for.

Found...that polish and hick really don't belong in the same sentence. (I think that they cancel each other out.)

Found...this quote is worth reposting...
                "It is possible that God says every morning,"Do it again" to the sun;
                 and every evening,"Do it again" to the moon. It may not be automat-
                 ic necessity that makes all daisies alike; it may be that God makes
                 every daisy separately but has never gotten tired of making them...
                 The repetition in nature may not be a mere recurrence; it may be a
                 theatrical encore."    G.K.Chesterton
Found...inside the pump of our washing machine when it refused to run.
Found...that apparently the empty-pockets-person is slacking. my back door when we were doing mud before snow.

Found...that the words self-cleaning are a trick.

Found...this angel baby face...and angel baby piggies...belong to a precious angel baby person.
IMG_4933 IMG_4935

Found... that angel baby's foster mom will soon be a Grandma!

Found...these at Target for a dollar, bringing smiles, laughter and anticipation that is priceless.

Found...that staying in my pj's and skipping the face-washing-hair-doing part of my early morning routine, guarantees a flurry of unexpected drop-in guests.

Found... that my kids enjoy my 80's music.           Found... that you never outgrow Steve Taylor and Some Band!
IMG_4973 IMG_5012  

Found...that alot has changed real fast around here.
ScannedImage035 ScannedImage030
ScannedImage064 IMG_4957

ScannedImage033 IMG_4954

Found...this mess on my rug.
It is Jacob's Junkyard, as he calls it, and has entertained him for hours.
Found...that really works for me.

Found...that my sidewalk is getting longer and longer with each blizzard.

Found...that we have the coolest toboggan and scare-the-tar-out-of-ya hill.
IMG_4861 IMG_4859

Found...that I can laugh about the same ole' thing everytime I read it!
IMG_5002 IMG_5004

Found...that these words inspire hope;
You are so much neater a person healed, than you would have been just plain well.

( ~ Beth Moore's response to her husband, when he wondered outloud what he would have been
like as a person, had he not experienced multiple tragic circumstances.)
Here's hoping that you have Found...A Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!

Love to you all!