Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another Wardrobe Malfunction

I was at the YMCA pool with Jacob.
It wasn't until I had my tank top cover up layer folded next to my towel
and my shorts cover up layer off and bunched up in my hand
that I remembered The Great Original Plan.
I glanced down at my black tankini top and the bright blue fabric of the other piece below.
I had forgotten that the shorts weren't a cover up layer today.
I had just slipped them on, like I do sometimes,
over my regular underwear instead of wearing a for-real swimsuit set.
I wondered if I made hastily returning a garment to its original location
look like something natural to do just prior to swimming with your kid.
take it off. put it back on. swim.
doesn't everyone do it that way? ;)
I'm telling you, standing next to a public pool in your underwear
with other people around is far more emotionally traumatizing
than the most ill fitting swim suit.
I would know.
I also know that the sometimes the only redemption and dignity
with the dumb things I do
is to laugh at myself.
And better than that?
Laughing at myself with a friend.
Join me?!


  1. My apologies, but yes I am laughing! :D

  2. Makes me laugh even in PRINT! :)

  3. HA! Just think.....that will one day be a memory that will make you laugh so hard you'll pee your pants!!!!!! ;-)

  4. I am sitting here utterly exhausted with barely the strength left to breathe, but THAT my friend made me gut laugh! I can't stop...there goes the last bit of energy I had. Hysterical!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your moment. "Laughter doeth good like a medicine", so I now expect to get over this yucky flu bug. Sounds like you handled it well. I think diving in and staying in the water must have helped. :-)

  6. I think the embarrassment level depends on what kind of underwear you wear, just saying. LOL Still oh my, but so sounds like it could be something I would do.

  7. totally FUNNY!
    I LOVE hearing from you online.
    have a good week, my friend!

  8. This is hysterical!! So glad to find you online again!! =)

  9. Hahaha!!! That is Hilarious!!!
    That is funnier than my friends top snapping open and flying up in the wind while we were visiting my grandparents in Florida.
    (she didn't think it was as funny as I did ;) But wow...this is definitely funnier!
    You are so great! :)

  10. oh my word!!! yes, YES!! laughing with you friend. i hope atleast they were a pretty pair and not full of holes like some of my old, but most comfy ones. ;))

  11. Omystars Cindy!!!!
    Shortest post from you, but hands down, one of the Best!!!
    You are such a good sport!!!

  12. Thanks for being a good sport and letting us laugh with you! ;)

  13. LOL Oh my that would be embarrassing! HUGS