Friday, June 7, 2013

Looked Like

Back in the year 1900, our farmhouse looked like this...

I say "our" in that we've lived here for 20 years, it's home. as renters though. not owners.
It had already celebrated 96 birthdays when this picture was taken.
The front porch was added shortly thereafter.

I recently heard firsthand from the man who had spoken with Anna Hershey herself.
Anna lived in our circa 1804 farmhouse in the 1860's and remembered Civil War Soldiers stopping here for bread. 
Her great-grandfather was Daniel Boone.

So if you stop by, you can stay in our Daniel Boone room.

He slept here!!!

Maybe. winky

Like I told my friend Kristy on fb, I've moved quickly from hoping for authentification of this house's history... to inventing it. :)

Jared's 18th birthday present looked like...

Skydiving. The Farmer and his genetically-compelled-to-want-to-son loved their first solo jumps.
First. Which means there's a next. Because they both said it was that much fun.

Philadelphia and George Washington's 281st Birthday back in February looked like this...

Benjamin's 16th Birthday and party looked like this...

Another one of my babies is legally allowed to operate a vehicle.
Ben's party included a clay bird shoot... someone called 911 about all of the gunfire.
So we even had the cops, yes plural, showing up.
(We have the best hick parties.)
And it's hard to get a mother/son birthday photo without her talking.

A new paint job and some travel mementos in our downstairs bathroom looks like this...

Postcard from a D.C. museum, and a pic of Jared and Ben's 2nd Presidential Inauguration with George Bush in 2005.
Jacob's rock collection from Pike's Peak last summer.
Maps and brochures. Coke bottle from Jerusalem, 1988. My heart still pounds just remembering. :)
Ben's snapshot from Australia back in 2008.
Our keychain collection for our special travel memories tree at Christmas.

A mom's recent "game on" looked like this...

When your son tells you that he wants to get a tattoo like this guy's shirt (it really IS a shirt,)
you enthusiastically agree. and say, come on! let's get a snapshot!

Sarah's abstract/realistic self portrait from art class looked like this...

Living with many boys and finding a way to keep a mom's tools where she needs them looks like...

Pink paint. It's been working. :)

Great times with friends, including Jared, looked like this...

Fun snail mail looked like this...

My grandparents wedding picture looks like this...

I love old photos. pleased

Cooperation yesterday for Last Day of School pictures looked like this...

Next year at this time, I will be the young mother of a high school graduateshocked
The neighborhood around here on Xanga looks like...

it's changing. and fast.

And with so many people moving in different directions,
I need some advice. pretty please.
I am wanting to continue to keep in touch. I love you guys!
You all have been a great group of friends!
But here's me, finding it harder to keep up,
partly because instead of hanging over the backyard fence together,
I am needing to actually drive to other communities.

What do you use to organize everything on one page? I need to do that.
And what are the benefits of buying a domain name through say bluehost vs. setting up on blogger or wordpress?
I am so not techy. not at all. at all. I like my crockpot, easy to understand. simple, with an off, lo, and high knob. sigh.
So any recs, experiences and wisdom would be greatly appreciated. :) thanks.

A quick snapshot of the kids in Fredericksburg, Va looks like this...

Immediately after which the alarmed tour guide said stop! get down!
It's our first day of summer vacation.
So it's looking like...
a great day!

Happy Friday to you all!


  1. Oh man! This is a lot of info and pics to process all in one post! You're just going to have to blog a little more frequently! ;-)
    Is that seriously a real photo of your house? LOVE it!
    And I adore the maps in the window. Super creative and cute. Love the idea.
    Must be strange to see your kids drive off in a car......can't even imagine. Hope they help with the errand running!
    And you take your big, bad half marathon runnin' self......and, I don't know! I'm so proud of you but even more proud that you had a smile on your face at the end! Very impressed! (iamSOnotarunner) ....I may sprint the last part of a long walk just because I'm that ready for it to be over!
    Very happy to have you here, Cindy Lou!

    1. you are just so fun. I love the enthusiasm I can hear in your words! funny that you wrote cindy lou. only some of my fav people on the planet call me that--- so of course YOU would. :) i'm thrilled to have such awesome neighbors! thanks for your warm smiling welcome!